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Log Stairs and Natural Log Plank Treads
We have witnessed a huge variety of staircase designs and quality, and can testify ours is the strongest and most unique, while being extremely cost-effective. A log staircase should be your central focus and largest piece of furniture - and we build them with this acutely in mind. Treads are chosen for their color and knot pattern, and are scribed out to fit onto strong log stringers. We tolerate only the strictest of departures from exact rise and tread requirements.

Our signature scribed log staircase results in a unique half-moon joinery where the tread and stringer meet. This is the ultimate in staircase log-crafting, but we offer other options also, including half-log end stringers, plank-and-beam, and Natural-Edge® plank treads on conventional stringers. Curved staircase systems are also possible. Where the space requires a staircase to turn, we provide beautiful half-log platforms.

Our lighted-tread option is popular. We embed "puck" lights into each tread, beautifully lighting the next lower tread. All wiring is completely hidden with this low-volt option.

If it is possible to install a completely assembled staircase, we offer complete finish options which usually include several lacquer coats on non-wear areas, and many coats of floor-grade urethane on the treads. Frequently, this isn't possible, so then the staircase is pre-fabricated and assembled in our shop, then delivered and re-assembled piece by piece. Then the finishing process is usually left up to the owner or other local contractor.

A pricing guideline is found in our 'PRICES' page, but we encourage you to directly contact us for further information.
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