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Log Structure Restoration

Log structures are solid wood structures, and past design mistakes or substandard materials have resulted in present-day deterioration of many structures. Restoration of logs is usually very justified in terms of extending the life of the structure, but correct techniques and products must be used.

We have been repairing and staining log structures since the mid 1990s. This long-term experience has provided an excellent education, giving us real world experience related to causes, options for repairs, and the best materials, tools, and products. We have a long list and carry an inventory of these recommended products, including stain, wood fillers, caulks and chinks, fasteners, preservatives, mold removers, and cleaners.

Stains and Preservatives

Most important in terms of protection is the stain-sealant first applied to your exterior logs. Every stain manufacturer would like you to believe theirs is the only product that will work, but in reality, logs demand a very unique and high quality product, with a guarantee to back it up. The problem is two-fold:
1.) Logs contain moisture, and will continually take on and give off moisture. If the sealant over-seals the wood (such as paint) the log cannot breath. Also, as moisture is introduced into the log (via many small cracks called "checks") it must be able to easily exit the log, or rot immediately sets in.
2.) The log receives 100% exposure to the elements on the top side, but much less on the bottom. The sealant product must keep the log evenly aged, even though the top will want to age much more rapidly.

It would take a book to describe all the products available, and another book to explain why most are not as good as they say. We will be bold here and make our own claim. After experimenting with many products on our own structures since 1987, and witnessing what has happened to hundreds of others in our restoration work, we are confident that we can offer the very best products for any refinishing project. Many variables enter into these recommendations, and no one product can work for all circumstances. That being said, whenever possible, our highest recommendation is for MENWOOD LOG COATING. This product has proven to be outstanding for a number of reasons, and we encourage you to investigate the MENWOOD website. We have become a MENWOOD distributor in order for us to be able to offer you the lowest possible price for this superior product.

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