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Commercial Applications

Since 1990, we have been involved in many commercial projects. One of the first was Riverwood Mall in Waite Park, Mn, where we designed and fabricated a network of trusses that define the shopping center. The most massive was the American Heritage Bank in St. Cloud, where we erected over 2 miles of logs to make a 33,000 sq. ft. building. But perhaps the most challenging was the headquarters of S. J. Lewis Construction in Rockville. Part of this project involved lifting 7 huge trusses up 42 feet in pieces, and re-assembling them in the ceiling using small hand-lifts. Our down-sized company now offers more simple yet very impressive log products and accents that will draw that important attention for any commercial application.

Commercial applications of logs are endless and even more profoundly effective than residential. Thousands of people witness these effects, and their reactions often results in a higher interest in the company that chooses the natural uniqueness of logs. Most any commercial situation could use the relaxing and awesomeness effect logs have on people. There is nothing as majestic as nature, and nothing has the effect that bringing this nature into modern commercial environments provides.

We have the experience, talent, and expertise to supply most any commercial project with the beauty of logs. Let us work with your architect and project manager to bring our love of logs into your commercial endeavor today!

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