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Natural-Edge® Paneling
Part of our Natural-Edge® product line, Paneling is a very popular and innovative product. As the name suggests, the original log surface is preserved along the edges of each board. Logs are carefully selected for high-character with high knot bumps and limb stubs, unique grain and colors, forks and fire scars. Select boards are dried, milled to 3/4 inch thickness, hand-sanded smooth, and sorted into grades of character and color.

This wall paneling is installed over any firm surface, then usually caulked (chinked) between the boards, although simply painting the surface before installing is also done. Adhesive and a pin-nailer are the only required tools if we pre-fit. We offer this wall covering in several stages, depending on budgets and desired involvement of the customer: Random material / pre-fit and coded / completely installed and chinked. The final result is an incredibly unique and beautiful wall, guaranteed to impress all who see it.

Please also see our other Natural-Edge® products: Trim, Doors, Countertops, Bar Tops, and Shelves.

Half-Log Siding
To create the real effect of actual natural logs, we use actual natural logs! and make our siding up to 42 feet in length without breaks. This rare product results in exact replicas of our whole-log structures and can cover most any building without unsightly butt-seams in the siding runs. Many widths and lengths available up to 16 inches wide. Available in hand-peeled, we rather promote our media-blasted method as this preserves all surface characteristics and natural features, important for a truly "natural" product. Corners are handled with large vertical wraps, further making the project truly "majestic".

For interior decorating, we can mix and match species and sizes to create different effects. Use your imagination to decorate walls with vertical, horizontal, angled, or partial coverage (wainscot). Further effects can be obtained with different stains and finishes.

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