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Stain Options

If you own a log structure, you will eventually be faced with choosing an exterior stain product, a daunting task with many contenders promising unbelievable results with their products. The hard and true facts are much more difficult to find. People in the field, especially professionals in restoration, are more likely to know what has worked and the variables at play that affect results. These include wood species, moisture content, type of construction, size of logs, surface condition, local climate, application techniques, and most important, size of roof over-hang. The one fact that is evident is that there is no one product that will work everywhere.

It would take a book to describe all the products available, and another book to explain why most are not as good as they say. We will be bold here and make our own claim. After experimenting with many products on our own structures over the past 27 years, and witnessing what has happened to hundreds of others in our restoration work, we are confident with this claim:

For over-all durability, retention of color, and (most important) health of the logs, we recommend MENWOOD LOG COATING. This product has proven to be outstanding for a number of reasons, and we encourage you to investigate the MENWOOD website. We have become a MENWOOD distributor in order for us to be able to offer you the lowest possible price for this superior product.

Download the Menwood Color Chart here.
Download the Menwood Natural Oil Finish Brochure here.

With that said, there are circumstances when we recommend other options. As mentioned above, no one product is perfect in all cases. Being a natural vegetable-oil base, Menwood is not recommended for green logs, as the moisture in the log will not allow good saturation. Also, if air circulation around a structure is inhibited where the climate is humid, mildew could form. We encourage anyone considering a stain to contact us for further explanations and recommendations for your particular situation.

Mold Remediation

We are proud to be distributors of the latest in mold removal solutions. RMR-86 offers unbelievable results in a variety of mold removal applications. RMR-Botanical offers longer term mold prevention solutions.

Click the product name for more information. Contact 763-263-3050 to order!

RMR 8632 Oz spray$17
RMR 861 Gallon$36
RMR 862.5 Gallon Pro$88
RMR Botanical32 Oz spray$16
RMR Botanical1 Gallon$33
RMR Botanical2.5 Gallon Pro$70

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